Float Left launches The Maranatha Channel on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV via the Flicast Platform

Maranatha Volunteers International, a non-profit, Christian organization that mobilizes volunteers to countries all over the world, launches a refreshed channel on Roku, in addition to brand new channels on Amazon Fire and Apple TV reaching over 96 million homes.

The Maranatha Channel encompasses a wide variety of content, both on demand and live broadcasts, aimed to inspire their viewers through the world of missions.

Popular titles, available on demand, include Maranatha Missions, Building in Bolivia and Give for Life, as well as new and archived programming from Africa, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. Viewers will also be able to get a glimpse into the Maranatha Volunteers International annual convention, available via live broadcast every year.

Powered by Flicast, The Maranatha Channel was built natively to each platform (Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV), meeting the needs of The Maranatha Channel’s content and audience. Through Flicast’s dynamic framework, Float Left was also able to deliver a unified experience across all platforms, helping enhance their brand, as well as increase audience reach.  

As a Flicast customer, The Maranatha Channel will be able to track and measure their content through Flicast’s intelligent analytics tool, allowing them to make smart programming and marketing decisions. In addition, The Maranatha Channel, is a part of Flicast Support, which provides them with ongoing maintenance and updates, as well as a dedicated account manager, ensuring excellent service and application management.  

To enjoy The Marantha Channel, click on your favorite platform below:


Amazon Fire

Apple TV

For more information on how Float Left can help launch your OTT or TVE service via the powerful Flicast platform, visit us at https://floatleft.tv/flicast.