Launch a Premium OTT Service with Flicast!

A Flexible, White-label TV App Solution.

Flicast is an advanced, TV app solution, developed by the team at Float Left, that has been packaged to provide a quick-to-market solution for OTT and TVE service providers. It stands apart by allowing publishers to have more flexibility with their delivery infrastructure than any other platform. Flicast enables media companies and programmers to produce a unified TV experience across the leading OTT and TVE platforms, helping them enhance their brand and reach a larger audience.


Reach Millions of Viewers

Launch your service on all major streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Branded Experience

Flicast delivers a unified, branded experience across all supported platforms and devices.

Track & Measure with App Analytics

Flicast provides you with rich data on your audience’s viewing habits and engagement.

Pause and Resume Content on Any Device

Resume allows a user to pause a show on one device and resume playback on another.

Track Viewer's Favorite Content

Favorites can be used to track a viewer’s favorite programs, which can also be used to improve recommendations.

Ratings for Increased Personalization

Ratings allow users to rate movies and TV shows, which can be used to determine the most personalized content for the viewer.

A Unified Experience Across All Platforms

Float Left has taken the experience from working with the world’s largest media brands, and has created a flexible, white-label TV app solution, rich with the most widely used features and designs. Flicast is the result of an advanced TV app framework that allows Float Left to deliver a Netflix-caliber TV experience that consumers demand in today’s digital world.



Apple TV & iOS

Amazon FireTV

Android TV & Mobile

Samsung, LG, and Opera TV