Launch a Fully Customizable TV App Solution!

As a leading provider of TV App solutions, Float Left is able to help your brand build a fully customizable OTT and TV Everywhere solution that allows you to take control and identify the needs of your organization. Float Left works with partners to help determine a digital strategy and project plan to that keeps you focused on growing your core audience and generating new revenue streams.

Project Plan

Float Left’s production team will work with you to create and execute a project plan that includes models, mockups, app development, QA testing, app certification, and publishing.


In addition to our Flicast solution, Float Left’s fully customizable TV app solution also allows for your service to be available across all major streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung and LG TVs.

Integrated Ecosystem

Float Left’s complex ecosystem works with cross-platform apps and features, as well as other third-party services, to allow for a seamless integration for video delivery, pay-wall incorporation and comprehensive analytics.

Ongoing Support

Float Left will stay engaged with your team post-launch to ensure things are running smoothly. We take care of maintenance and application support and jump on any issues that may arise. Services often require multiple third-party services working together in harmony. Partnering with Float Left to support the service will help you focus on your business without worrying about the technology.


Float Left has worked with hundreds of clients in delivering the highest level of quality and top-notch video experiences to their users.



Float Left has been working with Roku since 2010 and was the first company to help businesses launch channels on the platform.

Launching your channel requires an understanding of the technology as well as the logistics of channel publishing. Float Left is an expert on the process, and we can help you launch your channel, saving you time and money.

We have helped hundreds of companies launch channels over the years working with small publishers to the world’s most iconic brands. Our expertise is our distinct advantage!




Apple TV & iOS

Amazon FireTV

Android TV & Mobile

Samsung, LG, and Opera TV