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Float Left's experience developing for the Roku platform is unmatched! Float Left has been the #1 Roku developer since 2009.

Roku’s First Development Partner


In 2009, Float Left developed one of the first channels on the Roku platform. In fact, Float Left was Roku’s first Development Partner committed to onboarding new brands into the Roku Channel Store. Since then, Float Left has launched hundreds of channels, including some of the world’s most iconic and influential media brands such as Crackle, NBC Sports, AMC, Fox, CBS Sports, and Red Bull.

Float Left’s experience developing

on the Roku platform is unmatched.


Roku Partner

Roku has selected Float Left as a Roku Development Partner through our demonstrated success in effectively developing and launching channels on the #1 streaming platform, Roku.

Roku Knowledge

Our experienced BrightScript team has launched some of Roku’s most popular channels to date, and continue to implement and craft the latest and greatest developments in Roku’s updates and technologies.

Roku Certification

Through our vigorous QA process and technology, we assess your channel on every Roku device ever created, assuring optimal performance and UX. We also make sure your channel passes through Roku’s in-depth certification process on the first try!

Interested in launching on the #1 streaming platform with 50+ million viewers?


From our breathtaking OTT solutions to our proven and deployed track record of success, Float Left is able to expertly craft your Roku channel, helping both enhance your brand and reach Roku’s growing audience.

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“With the Flicast platform, Sesame has been able to bring multiple apps to the market quickly and cost efficiently at a quality comparable to bespoke products. But Flicast is only as good as the people that stand behind it, and honestly, the FL team is stellar.”

- Glace Chou, Director, Apps and Consoles, Digital Media at Sesame Workshop

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