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Universal Search and Discovery

Discovery is the #1 problem for OTT video streaming apps, but Universal Search is the answer. Universal search allows users to search for a movie, TV series, episode, actor, or even director on a platform and the search will return a set of services that contain that piece of content. Contact us and learn how we can incorporate Universal Search into your service!

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Platform Distribution

Float Left will distribute your OTT content onto premium apps such as The Roku Channel, Xumo, Samsung TV+, Vizio, and more!  We have the partnerships and experience to get your app onboarded quickly and efficiently so you can get your brand in front of more users. Contact us to begin the distribution process.

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Convert+ is a simplified OTT transcoding solution for AWS Elemental MediaConvert, easy enough for anyone! It gives users the power to convert an input file into multiple output files for high-quality video on a range of platforms.


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Flexible and Scalable OTT Apps

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