Float Left provides expertise developing applications for Opera TV, helping OTT content publishers connect with the over 1,000 connected devices and millions of consumers the platform reaches.

Opera TV OTT app development

The Opera TV Store is an HTML5-based storefront of exciting web apps optimized for TV. Opera TV Store apps run from the cloud and suit any screen size or resolution. App categories span Video (the most popular category), Music, Social Networking, Games, News, and Information, making it easier for the user to discover and enjoy the extensive app portfolio.

Opera TV utilizes an HTML5-based app platform, not dissimilar to the Smart TV Alliance, which is often attractive to content publishers due to Opera’s ad platform, Mediaworks. Opera TV claims that their ad-serving platform is used by nearly 20,000 sites and apps making it an attractive solution for publishers wishing to monetize their apps with a turn-key solution.

Float Left has expertise designing OTT streaming media applications specifically for Opera TV and can help your company bring your app over to Opera TV or help you create one from scratch. Our app development services will help you to maximize viewer engagement and take into the following design considerations:

  • The different contexts of TV apps versus those for tablets or smartphones
  • The strengths of utilizing visuals (menus, buttons, displays, etc.) for consumer consumption and ease-of-use
  • A simple, user-friendly interface
  • TV margins, resolutions, and overscan
  • Color selection and typography