NBC Sports and Float Left Launch New and Improved Roku Channel

July 13, 2017

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NBC Sports, the go-to destination for all live sporting events, recently launched a newly designed channel on Roku: NBC Sports Extra. Developed by the award-winning engineering team at Float Left, the new and improved channel better showcases NBC Sports’ live and on-demand sporting events from the NFL, NHL, NBA, Soccer, Golf, Nascar, and more!

As a TV Everywhere streaming service, NBC Sports’ Roku channel came fully equipped with a robust library of thousands of hours of content from all major sporting events. The primary experience of this channel is NBC Sports’ collection of live events featuring fan favorites such as the Tour de France, Premier League and both Summer and Winter Olympics – a major departure from other channels that mainly include on-demand movies and shows.


Launched in 90 days, the channel’s fully custom layout introduces a new experience that includes smooth animations and a stunning collection view. It highlights live and upcoming events, and provides an intuitive filter feature for viewers to quickly access their favorite sporting event.

The launch is significant for NBC Sports in replacing an existing standard channel with Roku Scene Graph. Roku is currently sunsetting channels built on the legacy SDK, and within the next 18 months, all older channels will stop working. By the end of the year, all channel updates must be built on the new Scene Graph technology. By adopting early, NBC Sports is able to stay ahead of the curve, while introducing a beautiful design and experience that meets users’ expectations in the 2017 marketplace. It also creates a solid foundation for growth as we look forward towards the Olympics and the Super Bowl in 2017.

As industry leading brands, it was critical for both NBC Sports and Float Left to develop a totally unique experience for the Roku audience. Through NBC Sports’ incredible live and on-demand content, and Float Left’s mission to build the future of TV, the channel brings a top-notch video experience to all viewers and fans, allowing them to enjoy their favorite sports in a new and exciting way.

From the project’s inception to completion, working with the NBC Sports team was great, as both organizations brought a wealth of knowledge, experience, and dedication. The team at NBCU is extremely empowered, technically savvy, and consummately professional. They have a clear vision of what they want, yet are also willing to receive feedback when warranted. The level of teamwork is evident in both the quality of the end product and the speed to market.

To enjoy the new and improved NBC Sports Extra channel on Roku – download it here.

For more information on how Float Left can help you launch your OTT or TVE service through a variety of platforms, contact us at sales@floatleft.tv.

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