Several Ways For Media Companies To Effectively Engage Their Audiences

Media companies spend a considerable amount of time and money on audience engagement, and it’s not difficult to figure out why. A captivated audience positively affects their bottom line. But keeping those valuable audience members engaged is easier said than done. Currently, consumers are bombarded with information from so many avenues that keeping their attention is a challenging endeavor.

The ascent of social media has changed the online and media landscapes forever. Some media companies have adjusted their strategies to connect with savvy online users, while others are languishing due to a lack of comprehension on how to go about this. Fortunately, there are several methods for media companies to keep their audiences engaged. The best part is that it’s becoming easier to engage audiences on streaming devices such as Roku and Fire TV.

Post Amazing Content Regularly

Media companies should create great content on a regular basis. This content can take a variety of forms, which includes blog spots, podcasts, videos, photos, eBooks, infographics, and any other marketing materials in digital form.

Modern consumers consume significant amounts of online content daily. They embrace those brands that speak their language, are creative, and deliver a variety of thought-provoking or cutting-edge content on a consistent basis. If your target audience is mostly Millennials, you will need to engage them on their terms for the best results.

Optimize Your Site For Videos

Reach beyond the TV screen by optimizing your mobile-friendly website for video content. The type of video player you use plays a major role in the overall audience engagement. And to further boost engagement, ensure that you’re utilizing the right features such as auto-play, high-quality thumbnails, and organization and categorization of videos on your site.

Strategically used notifications are another great way to engage your audience. This feature was recently introduced on Amazon’s Fire TV and quickly executed thanks to Android’s standard notification mechanism. Use notifications to let your audience know of upcoming video content and exclusive promotions that will grab their attention. This type of communication has the potential to be labeled as spam so use this feature sparingly.

Measuring your audience demographics and engagement will help you formulate effective strategies. The good news is that Roku is focusing on improving measurement and targeting capabilities while establishing standards for their Advertising Framework. These developments will make it easier for media companies to engage and scale their offerings.

Be Present On Relevant Social Media Platforms

It’s quite common to find brands limiting themselves to one or two social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Both are compelling platforms, but many younger users prefer Snapchat and Instagram.

Expand your social media presence by integrating the platforms commonly used by Millennials and Generation Z. Tailor your content for the different social media platforms and demographics of your audience to keep them invested in your brand.

Without a doubt, social media platforms are an indispensable tool for media companies. But this isn’t a reason to skimp on email marketing, as this remains one of the best distribution channels for 1-to-1 contact with people. Take time to tailor your emails to the various demographic segments of your audience and gradually build a relationship with them.

Offer Rewards To Your Audience

Everyone loves being rewarded, especially your loyal followers. Give them a gift for their support to solidify their loyalty. These rewards don’t have to be costly and can be any exclusive digital content, or a discount for future purchases. Extend these rewards to new audiences as well, as this will bring them closer to your brand. The right kind of reward could spur them to promote your brand among their friends and family.

Implement An Effective Feedback Loop

Contact with your audience should never be a one-way street. While it’s easy for your followers to connect with you via social media, it shouldn’t be the only avenue available. Offer them opportunities to take polls, give detailed feedback, and beta test your products or services. This feedback will give a clear picture of what components of your service offering and brand need improvements.

Be sure to scale your feedback loop for greater effectiveness while offering your audience new products and experiences that are in line with the feedback they’ve given you.