Float Left Launches Child-Safe TV App, BabyFirst, in Multiple Languages Internationally

June 9, 2020

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Float Left partnered with children’s brand, BabyFirst, to launch their OTT service using Float Left’s premier end-to-end solution, Flicast. Flicast is a non-templated, flexible framework that allows brands to customize their TV apps and deliver a unified experience across all platforms.  BabyFirst is an award-winning global TV channel for babies, preschoolers – and the parents who love them! Their subscription-based (Cleeng managed) app is available on Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV.  The apps are integrated with Float Left’s technology partner, JW Player, a powerful, flexible platform of video services for playback, streaming, engagement, and monetization.

Float Left launches Children’s TV app, BabyFirst, suitable for babies and preschoolers.

What makes the BabyFirst app so special? 

The User-Friendly Interface

The BabyFirst app comes equipped with many features to keep both parents and kids feeling at ease when navigating the application. First and foremost, users can log in with just one username and password across all devices: Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and iOS and Android Mobile.  Upon opening the app, users are greeted with a colorful feature row of videos followed by an intuitive organization of content. Each video is labeled with a large timeframe indicating the show length (i.e. 15min, 30min)– imperative for the strict nap schedules of young children. 

BabyFirst interface includes large icons that indicate the length of each video.
Use the same login credentials across all platforms.

The Child-Safe Design

Babyfirst’s child-safe design is built with the user in mind — the kids! Parents have complete control over what children can access, giving them peace of mind when children play independently. Also, the SVOD model means users won’t see any ads on the platform when signed in as a premium subscriber.

Designed with the child in mind– colorful and simple! 

The Multiple Languages Available

As an international company offering videos in many languages, it is important the BabyFirst app user-interface is also available in those languages. Thanks to the flexibility of Flicast, all platforms are available in English. Spanish is available on Roku and Fire TV, and Portuguese is available on Roku.

Float Left is honored to partner with BabyFirst in order to expand upon its OTT service and offerings. Users can sign up for the BabyFirst app on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or on their website. For questions about Flicast or Float Left’s OTT services, please contact us here.

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