Launch On Amazon Fire TV

Float Left can bring your brand to Amazon Fire TV devices.

Currently, the Amazon Fire TV platform allows content publishers to create apps on either Android or HTML5. Float Left has expertise with Android mobile application developmentAndroid TV development, as well as HTML5 application development (such as the Smart TV Alliance development platform), making us a preferred app development provider for OTT content publishers.

Fire TV App Design Solutions from Float Left

In addition to being highly experienced with the development publication options mentioned above, Float Left also has expertise with Fire TV’s design and user experience guidelines as well as those that have worked well with our clients on other platforms.

We will help design your Fire TV OTT app based on the following:

  • 10-Foot UI– Based on the idea that TV users are watching your content from 10-feet or more away, we design with this in mind. TV interaction requires less interaction than a tablet or phone and we design for these UX considerations.
  • Simple, Clear Design– In addition to placing your most important content first, our design process focuses on simplicity of consumption, highly visual menus, buttons and images on screen, and a clear order of options for each screen.
  • Screen Size– Unlike apps and tablets, TVs don’t have fixed sizes or resolutions, and the design needs to reflect this to provide the best experience possible.
  • Color and Typography– Color selection should be different on TVs than on PCs or other devices and we take color bleed considerations into account to provide the best experience. Additionally, we’ll help you to shorten your textual blocks based on Fire TV best practices and user consumption.

Monetizing Your Fire TV App

Float Left has extensive experience consulting clients on OTT content monetization. If you need a partner that understands how to encourage app purchases or subscriptions for sale within your Fire TV app, let us know.