Android TV App Development

Android TV is a relatively new OTT service that is heavily reliant on third-party developers to create amazing apps for media companies.

When bringing your app to market with Android TV, we’ll take into consideration such things as:

  • How consumers are viewing content on their television
  • The input methods they use: smartphones, tablets, remotes or watches
  • How multiple users interact with your app
  • Keeping access to TV apps easy and with as few clicks as possible
  • A clean UI that is minimal and simple to use

The Android TV development team at Float Left has worked on over 200 applications and worked with today’s most discerning media and entertainment companies.

With the former Google TV, user experience was an issue. Now, Android TV allows app developers to polish this aspect of the interface and allows for sleek viewing experiences. Today’s viewers will be attracted to the way Android TV allows for a seamless viewing experience across all their devices. However, top development is still the driver of these experiences and that is where Float Left’s Android TV development specialization comes in.