Android Mobile App Development

Partnering with Float Left for your OTT Android mobile application means you’ll be working with the brightest minds in the streaming media industry to bring your content to as many viewers as possible.

For content publishers who want the exposure, the Android platform affords, creating an OTT app for mobile devices is a no-brainer. However, developing a streaming TV app for Android TV is not the same as developing one for Android’s mobile devices. Float Left’s Android application development services can help you create a brand new OTT app or help you bring your existing app over to the Android platform.

Android OTT Mobile App Design

At Float Left, we are familiar with developing OTT applications across nearly every streaming device. When helping you design your first Android OTT app (or bringing your existing app over to the Android platform), we’ll take into account such design considerations as:

  • Ways mobile users interact with streaming apps differently than TV
  • The use of mobile devices as the second and often first screen
  • A simple user interface that minimizes clicks and is as intuitive as possible
  • Clean and simple use of visuals and truncated use of text

Monetizing Your Android OTT App with Float Left

Android and the Google Play network offer a lot of choices for app monetization. In addition to helping our clients set up charges for premium app usage, we also can consult you on the best-practices based on subscription-based models as well as in-app advertisements.

Along with these app monetization consultation services, we can also provide ongoing data and feedback on how users are using your app, how you can improve engagement and retention, and how to capitalize on monetizing opportunities.