We are a passionate group creators and software artisans, bringing life to the vision of our partner brands and delight to their audiences.

Founded in 2010, Float Left is a collective that was born amidst the tipping point in the television industry when consumers rallied for a better way to access programming. It was no longer was it ideal to be chained to the home while submitting to a fixed programming schedule.

Consumers not only demanded to watch what they want, where they want but with the advent of mobility but also required to access this content where they wanted.

It was at this time that TV as we knew it changed. It was no longer solely a term to describe the device mounted to your wall or placed in your entertainment center, but it evolved to become a term to describe any device that enables the consumption of video programming. TV has become ubiquitous to include mobile phones, tablets, streaming media players (Roku, Apple TV, etc.), Smart TVs, and game consoles.


Tom Schaeffer

President and CEO

Justin Kent

VP, Engineering

Scott Murrow

VP, Corporate Development

Kelly Schaeffer

VP, Finance

Seiji Morikami

Senior Software Architect

Taylor Jentzsch

Creative Director