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Float Left is an industry-leading OTT technology provider with over a decade of experience.

As a Pioneer of OTT Technology, Float Left Learned to Evolve as The Industry Grew

Float Left is an industry-leading OTT technology provider with over a decade of experience. Since its inception in 2009, Float Left has launched hundreds of applications, developed innovative OTT solutions, and has had the privilege of working closely with some of the most prolific media brands in the world.

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Float Left’s Timeline of OTT Innovation


Float Left became Roku’s first partner for channel development, launching NBA Gametime and MOG Music (acquired by Apple Beats).


Developed apps for some of the first generation of SmartTVs and BluRay devices.


Started developing apps for new set-top boxes emerging on the market, such as; Boxee Box, and the Popcorn Hour. "PopBox".


Worked with popular and innovative media brands pioneering technology to power the first generation of AVOD channels and services.


Launched one of the first OTT app solutions in Flicast, which brought the convenience of SaaS software to TV app development.


Collaborated with Roku and Viacom to develop the first and only TV apps that leveraged the 2D API game engine, and developed custom TV interfaces.


Continued our rapid expansion of new custom TV applications with Red Bull, Giam, Curiosity Stream, Christian Cinema, and many others.


Worked with Crackle, Red Bull, and AMC to usher in a new generation of TV applications with Roku's new SDK, including interactive advertising.


Continued Flicast's rapid expansion to include the next generation of Smart TVs, Apple TV, mobile devices, and Amazon Fire TV.


Expanded the scope of Flicast's capabilities, which included a seamless UI/UX experience and the ability to create customized experiences for each brand.


Started testing an early version of AMP, which will simplify workflows, provide OTT specific metrics, and make app updates much faster.


Launched 450+ apps on over 10 different platforms. Focused on a multi-partner strategy in order to develop high-performing apps that scale and adapt as needed.

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