Float Left Launches the Flicast App Management Platform (AMP) Allowing Broadcasters and Publishers Control Over their OTT Workflow

April 15, 2020

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Float Left’s App Management Platform (AMP) is the newest component Flicast! Flicast first launched in 2015 as an end-to-end OTT solution, designed and dedicated to helping Publishers and Broadcasters grow and scale their business. Since its inception, Float Left has introduced many new features to Flicast, making it one of the leading and most advanced solutions on the market. 

The addition of AMP gives Media Distributors complete control over their OTT content and service. The powerful editing and publishing features allow users to manage all aspects of their media and how their audience sees it displayed on the Flicast OTT apps.  

With only an internet connection required, users can log into their AMP account via a browser (offline capability coming in a future version). The intuitive and user-friendly UI, coupled with an Interactive Tool Guide, enables even the most ‘non-technical’ user to navigate the platform effortlessly.

AMP Interface Features

  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Interactive Tool Guide
  • Clean and simple design
  • Branded for your company
  • Grant multiple users Admin or Content Manager access
Float Left’s App Management Platform (AMP) gives Media Distributors the power to control and customize their apps.

From any stage of the lifecycle, content managers and admins can keep media updated, uniformly across all platforms, whether it be on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Android, or Smart TVs. AMP gives users the ability to edit metadata and build audience-facing screens from the ground-floor. 

One of AMP’s most coveted features, the Queue-Point Editor, will also allow OTT AVOD services the ability to seamlessly place ad markers and set key parameters via an integrated player. This provides the publisher with a flexible and scalable ad management solution, that best suits the needs of their content and audience. 

AMP Editing Features

  • Queue-Point Editor
  • Manage Titles and Descriptions
  • Manage Primary and Featured thumbnails
  • Build Series with multiple seasons
  • Organize content into Playlists
  • Manage how content is displayed on screens
  • Additional Metadata Fields: Add data to your content, such as Directors, Cast, Genre, and Tags.
AMP’s Media Library houses the content available for use with Flicast. Users can view and edit the metadata of each piece from this page.
Use the Queue-Point Editor to place ads at particular times within your videos.

Another one of AMP’s robust features is its ability to publish on a schedule. Users can deem content to publish and/or expire on a designated day and time. This gives Media Distributors the power to tell their audience new episodes will be available every Sunday at 8 pm ET (for example).  

AMP Publishing Features

  • Publish in real-time
  • Schedule media to publish or expire on specific days and times
  • Publish uniformly across all platforms
  • Local Drafts: Make changes to your apps and save them locally before publishing.
  • Audit Trail: Keep track of all changes made by any user before publishing.
AMP’s Playlist Manager allows users to organize their content in a cohesive manner; users can add single episodes or entire series to playlists.
Easily add start date and end dates to media for easy, automated publishing.

Float Left’s AMP Version 1.1  is already complete and is available to all existing and new clients and partners. Contact us today and schedule a demo.

More Advanced Features in Future Versions of AMP

By Summer 2020, Float Left will release AMP Version 1.2.  This version is comprised of more advanced features that allow users to manage content, control features, and view important data with ease. Some of the more notable v1.2 features include:

  • Feature Management: Control features on your apps such as Video Resume, Watchlists, Favorites, and Ratings. 
  • Engagement Metrics: Get metrics from your users such as items in users’ watchlists, items currently favorited, and content ratings.
  • Cloud Drafts: An upgrade from v1.1, make changes to your apps and save them to the cloud before publishing.
  • Content Availability: Include or exclude content for specific platforms or geographic regions.

This is only the beginning for AMP; the platform will continue to evolve as the publishing and editing needs of Media Distributors expand. To learn more about AMP and schedule a demo of the system, contact us today! 

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