Apple tvOS & iOS App Development

The fourth generation Apple TV runs tvOS, a great new platform that is more aligned with the “TV-everywhere” trend in OTT video services. The difference between the former Apple TV and the new Apple TV that utilizes tvOS, is that tvOS offers universal apps that work on all of the consumer’s Apple devices: Apple TV, iPads, and iPhones. For media companies, this creates opportunities to get in front, and stay in front, of consumers more often and in ways that they prefer to view media.

This places the focus on content, something that Float Left excels at presenting and helping your viewers engage with. Today’s Apple TV users will enjoy voice searches using Siri and our app development services take into account how users navigate as well as interact with your app, making it more search-friendly and accessible due to our intimate knowledge with OTT user desires and user experience.

With over 200 TV applications developed and a strong emphasis on creating applications that engage your audience and help you differentiate your business, it’s no wonder we are a top choice for today’s leading media and entertainment companies.